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SM-1: 1A2 on Steroids

Started by Dominic_ContempraPhones, June 30, 2017, 09:58:35 PM

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Has anyone ever come across any Northern Telecom documentation on SM-1 or the integration of 1A2 and Norstar (Centrex DR3) Modular 8x24?  This was before MICS and CICS came out.

SM-1 was an evolution of 1A2 which blurred the lines between a key system and a PBX, but, unlike SL-1, was fully analog.  I saw some of the specs and it blew me away.  SM-1 looked like SL-1 which looked like Logic-10s.

It was very short-lived ('79 to '82) and succeeded by Vantage in the early 1980s, and then Norstar (which essentially was a remix of SL-1 and Meridian-1 and ISDN BRI).

I can't find anything and I talked to a lot of people at BNR.  SM-1 looked a lot like the original QSU phones -- sorta like the SL-1 minus Digit Display.  They also didn't have the hinged SL-1 dial -- note, that dial is not touch-tone.