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New "My ebay" quirk...
« on: November 01, 2017, 01:34:06 AM »
Don't know if anyone else has noticed this or not, but it seems ebay has decided that the "my ebay" summary page must default to "Most relevant" instead of the user's preference (usually "Ending soonest", as that would be what is "most relevant" when it comes to auctions!!!), an infuriating problem which seems to have started a whole slew of threads on the ebay community forums...

Anyway, having looked about, I managed to find a solution, if a bit of a bodge, that restores the "Ending soonest" sorting order over the stupid "Most relevant" (To what, exactly?!?) sorting order...

1 - Look for "Watch List" under the "Lists" heading on the left of the My Ebay page and click the link.

2 - When on the "Watch List" page, look for the "Make Watch List your My Ebay home page" link on the upper right above the list (but below the ads, specifically under "Tell us what you think"), click this.

3 - Celebrate that you have just fixed a stupid problem that Ebay created that should never have existed.

Solution was found here:

Despite their post stating that it'll go back to the stupid "Most relevant" thing, it's held as the proper "Ending Soonest" choice for me so far, presumably their statement is because they clicked on Summary, rather than just clicking the "My Ebay" header at the top of the page...