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Panasonic Ringing All Extensions

Started by Owain, August 16, 2017, 01:06:24 PM

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I think this has been asked before, and I've supplied the answer, but I tried it today and it didn't work until I fixed it.

So ...

To get your Panasonic (KX-TA624 in my case, with 16 extensions) to ring all (or multiple) extensions, when it doesn't have 'hunt groups' for intercom ringing:

- connect a spare Extn jack to a spare CO line port. I used Jack 16 and programmed it number 222.
- program Ringing to the required Extns for the CO line in Day, Night and Lunch modes
- program Ringing for Extn 222 for the CO line to Disable. This means that 222 will never ring with an incoming call on the CO.

The last step is necessary because there's a delay in ringing cadence from the CO to the Intercom ringing. Otherwise, ringing 222 and then hanging up means 222 rings the CO line, which rings 222, which rings the CO line, which rings 222 ...

222 is now the in-house Emergency number :-)

setting all Extns to Group 3 also means that Page All can be achieved with 333