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Red Northern Electric 302 with Western Electric plastics

Started by SUnset2, July 29, 2022, 12:30:54 AM

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I recently got this Red Northern Electric 302 with what looks like Western Electric plastics.

Base 3-55 (NE)
101A Coil 12-6-54 (NE)
Ringer 3-1-55 (NE)
5J Dial 52 (NE)
Handset 11-54 (WE)
Receiver element 48 (NE)
Transmitter element 50 (NE)
Case 3-17-55 (WE?)

Ebay Listing:
I paid $97 USD and $31 USD for shipping.

The feet look like replacements.  I think I will replace them with feet of of a parts 302.
And I will probably want to get some reproduction cords.


Great! find sir, seller must be more colorblind then me, LOL!
I'd say its Rose colored but, I am colorblind, LOL!
A couple of things look strange to me on this phone but, I'm not very familiar with Northern Electric so............
But, there's no denying its a great looking phone at a great price no matter what color it may be.


Doug Rose

Very Nice Paul. The handset is WE, but the stamp on the shell sure looks NE. Really nice find at a GREAT Price! Looks like FOM...Doug


Beautiful phone and condition looks amazing.
Great find!