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"GPO retro"

Started by countryman, June 30, 2022, 03:00:28 PM

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I just stumbled into this website.
More or less detailed copies of classic designs can be seen commonly, usually featuring 12 push buttons in a circle. This one seems to have a more realistic imitation of a rotary dial. Has anybody seen it before? They also advertise a classic ringer.


That would be interesting if they are manufacturing rotary dials.  it'd be nice to see the technology behind them.
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It appears to me the finger stop swivels when dialing a number is finished. The dial might have a rotary encoder, and a micro controller does the rest.
Still no real dial, but a different approach from the usual buttons.


These have been around for quite a while. Finger stop 'clicks' as the number dialled reaches it.


Nothing to do with the GPO as we know and love it.  :)
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I have one with a real rotary dial--it beeps as it dials out, and the dial spring is a bit tight. I liked it enough to become a GPO dealer.
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