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Crosley 3 Slot Payphone-KISS Concert -1975 Cadillac MI High School.

Started by Hill Haven Telephone Company, April 24, 2023, 09:25:42 PM

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Hill Haven Telephone Company

Neighbor gave me a reproduction Crosley 3 Slot payphone,  hes like i dont care what you do with it. 

So KISS played Cadillac, MI High School in 1975 and peeps still talk about it to this day.  Im working up there in that city.  So I did it up KISS themed gonna donate it to a local charity thrift shop. It wont last long i bet on the shelf. 

I did up a new instruction card that looked like one of the original flyers well close.  and put the exchange name on a dial card in the center.  gave it a polish and it looks pretty darn presentable for being a crosley.  Someone who is a KISS fan will enjoy it.

Kind of a fun afternoon project. 

Hill Haven Telephone Company

LOL and an update.  It sold within the first 25 mins of them being open for about 40 bucks.