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Any comments on this phone ?

Started by Dan/Panther, March 27, 2009, 02:14:46 PM

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Can anypone comment on what this may be, could it be original, the base appears old, but I don't know about the plastic.

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More than likely, someone had both a black set and a white set, and swapped parts around to make them "interesting."

I don't think that it's a genuine 2-tone set, since one of those would have had an all-black handset rather than a black handset with white caps.

Dennis Markham

I think it's something that was cobbled together.  The caps are plastic on Bakelite (7 holer).  When original two tone phones were released they initially had black Bakelite handsets (including caps).  Some were also released with a G3 handset matching the color of the cover but still had the black dial ring.  The handset cords would have originally been straight black, matching brown, yellow, gray and maybe even red.  The cord on this one is much later with the tapered end sticking out of the G1.

From a booklet I have that was originally printed in 1954 by The Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company of Virginia, eight two-tone colors were available.  Yellow, Red, Oxford Gray and Mediterranean Blue were available with matching handsets and gray straight cords.  The dial rings were black.  The cost for installation was a non-recurring $7.50.  Four additional colors were available with black dial rings and black G1 handsets in Ivory, Oxford Gray, Red and Green.  The non-recurring charge for those was only $5.00.  They also had straight handset cords.  A notation says that these sets will soon be in production in full color with matching dials and transparent finger wheels.

TCI/ACTA member Russ Cowell had these small spiral bound booklets reproduced and was offering them to TCI members for a price around $20.  He may still have some left.  He can be contacted through the