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Example of Denatured Alcohol Repair - Tenite 500

Started by RotarDad, May 07, 2018, 01:09:40 AM

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A big "Thank you" to Christian for his input on the denatured alcohol chemical sanding technique!  Here is a '56 Mediterranean Blue WE 500 with multiple large cord blisters or "warts" on the front and back from having a 25' cord wrapped around it for a few decades.   The pics are:

1,2) Front and Back as found.
3,4) Front and Back after sanding with 1000-grit wet sandpaper.  I used a small poplar wood block to take the warts off evenly.  Then I used the same 1000 by hand to focus on the remnants of the bumps.
5,6) After the denatured alcohol using Christian's technique and a careful polish with Novus 2.  The denatured alchohol takes a bit of practice, but works extremely well to smooth out the Tenite and remove the sand marks.  I would recommend using gloves - skin is porous, and no sense in exposing yourself to extra chemicals.....

The results are very good and soooooo much easier than slowly gong to finer and finer grit sand papers to remove the sand marks.  The finished pics were taken in the garage after dark with florescent light and aren't as good....   Christian - you are the man!!!  :)

Edit:  I also want to thank Chuck Hensley as I understand he originated this technique and John (Teleplay) who has added quite a bit of additional experimentation and creativity to this process..... 


Very impressive, nice work both of you. And congratulations on such a nice phone! It's beautiful.


I love to use chemical polishing on teninate cases. The results are so beautiful!

Good job!

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