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and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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A youtube single slot controller

Started by Key2871, December 22, 2018, 09:15:48 PM

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Payphone installer

You have to understand how it works to build it, and it is clear to me that most don't understand how it works. I have yet to read even the most simple explanation of how a payphone collects a coin or returns it. Or how it detects coin presence. I hope this conversation is dropped because it is a endless circle of nothing. If you are going to build one build it. If not let's not talk about it anymore it's boring.


Well I have explained how it would work, etc etc.
But as far as I'm concerned the rest of you won't.

It will be mine and mine only. I know it's been a while, but my life is really crazy right now with two kids out of school and I'm trying to keep ahead of too many things.

You know Jim, from the very first time I was told by Paul Vaverchak to give you a call and talk with you about a couple things I had questions about, you were nothing short of rude. I made the remark I know you do this all day and your probably tired and don't want to talk about it.. You came back and said I love what I do.
I do it because I like what I do.

So why the attitude? I have never talked to you before that day and we never had any run ins. Nor have I talked with you since. Because your not a nice person.
You came across to me like I was a little pea and I'm wasting your time.

At that point I had a working controler for my three slot. And it worked great.
But you kept telling me that I couldn't because I needed a central office to make the phone work.
But since then a lot of people have made their payphone work with out a central office.
And it wasn't anythanks to you.

I have no clue why you are still so arrogant towards me, but I've had my fill I will not ever offer anything here again.
Even when I was part of the ATCA I had a few people such as you to try to run me over with their bus. Well I left there, and I can do it here as well.
All I have ever wanted to do is offer up my experience nothing like yours Mr Engle, but none the less I have.
Only to meet up with some of the more arrogant folks here.

I just have one thing to say... What did I ever do to you guys?

See ya. Delete this whole thread.


Quote from: Payphone installer on May 17, 2020, 08:37:20 PM.
...I hope this conversation is dropped because it is a endless circle of nothing. If you are going to build one build it. If not let's not talk about it anymore it's boring.

In my opinion any developments are to be encouraged, whether on this topic or another.
Positive results or not - either way it helps others to move forward in their experiments.

Besides the learning process, and the fun/interest of experimenting, we are not all in a position - for whatever reason - to purchase another which may be available.

Let's keep on caring and sharing.

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Great that someone with more knowhow about electronics still are working on this. So far my own one are working on my AE120B
Working like this:
-You cant dial before you have inserted one coin.
When you hang up it will collect or return depending on if the party answered.



As explained before, my controller will give dial tone in one of two ways, first, but won't dial out unless a coin is present. Or after the coin is present.
In CF mode it will allow you to dial a number and after a short time if the receiver is hung up the coin will return. If off hook for a longer period and the coin will be collected.

I have a proto type working fine, and I'm still working when I get the chance, to refine things a bit better.
And answer on an in coming call.
But the impatient ones have now ticked me off to the point that I wont try to offer my help here.

They just want to point fingers and make snide remarks about what I post or say or don't.
It's unfortunate that there has to be such people as that in this hobby. But it's been that way for years. Some have up and left, others still remain.

As I've said before I just wanted to offer up some help.
But I see that some are still suffering from cranial rectosa. So I'm done.
Let the "experts prevail".


I am sorry if what I wrote did offend you, that was far from my intention. Please keep on the good work. If some of us rush a little, others should not suffer from that.



No I didn't, the post that broke my back was from pay phone installer.
Nobody knows what I'm going through right now.
I'm stretched to the max, and I'm supposed to be retired. But it seems no matter how hard I try to get things accomplished, I can't make anyone happy.

But since last night I've got several PMs that are positive and help me feel a little better.
So you're post was in no way offensive.