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Ericsson switchboard photos

Started by escuta, August 08, 2020, 08:02:16 AM

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Hi forum,

I'm back with some 35mm film photos of my switchboard project. I built a stand for it and used fishing sinkers and pulleys from washing lines to weight the cords, it worked out cheaply that way. Inside there is a Raspberry Pi 4 computer running Asterisk and 8 Linphone softphones (one for each of the 8 cord pairs) and an Arduino mega to sense cord connections, switches and the crank. The crank is used to initiate calls as can the back key position. The forward key is used to finalise transfers. The project is to be used in live theatre performance. There is a mechanical bell for incoming calls which is played by a Linksys SPA2101 via Asterisk and a separate bell for the crank, added for dramatic effect and separate from the incoming bell because the circuitry was much simpler. I had help from a friend to design the circuits, something I have very little clue about.

I hope these images aren't too big to attach. Lets see...

All the best and thanks for all the help from this forum.


Doug Rose

OUTSTANDING! Not only beautiful, but should be very proud...Doug

Jack Ryan

Really nice photo shoot - well done.

I like the cord board too, especially the cord weights - a real blast!



Thanks very much Doug and Jack.

All the best,





Beautiful, I think the weights are cool too.