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Interesting odd Frankenphone

Started by Phonesrfun, August 21, 2014, 10:37:28 PM

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Take a look at this odd-ball transmitter mount for a wood wall phone made from a candlestick shaft and perch.  They're awful proud of it, notice the price @ $265.  This was at an antique store on the Oregon Coast
-Bill G


One could develop some serious orthopedic problems talking on that phone for long :D  I have seen a few weird homemade wood wall phones in antiques shops.  The prices are generally outrageous, but I suppose that one might be willing to pay a high price for such a rare piece ;D



Looks like he "married" two phones---which reminds me of what my grandfather used to say about two unpleasant people who married each other: "At least it kept them from ruining two households!"
Mets-en, c'est pas de l'onguent!

"C'est pas une restauration, c'est une rénovation."--François Martin.


Or as my grandad said "for every rinkydink there's a stinkydink".  :)


I love the writing shelf.  It's tricky to get such smooth edges on plywood.
Greg Sargeant
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