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Kellogg Fiddleback with dial

Started by wds, November 17, 2013, 04:07:15 PM

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The manufacturers typically would strongly recommend updating the transmission aspects by replacing the transmitter and receiver with their own "superior" components.

Of course if a small telco was on a strict budget they could opt out and retain the old parts though generally they were instructed to any magnetos and transmitters and arms to conserve on shipping to the factory. There should be some of these ads touting refurbishing services offered by S.C., A.E., and Kellogg residing in the TCI Library.       


The addition of a dial doesn't seem such a rare occurrence, as another dial Fiddleback is currently on eBay:

Starting bid: $150, shipping ~$43 from Arizona.

However, this one does not have the dial wired at all, although the circuit diagram is the identical one as in the previous example.  Here, it appears when the dial was added, the shelf split into pieces, so the craftsman had to use a reinforcement dial frame on the inside.

If anyone wants to wire this when they buy it, I created a circuit diagram and circuit description here:


Yeah, I saw this one.  Frequency ringer, and very poor installation of the dial - they didn't use the metal mounting bracket.  Wonder how they were dialing out with no wiring to the dial?