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For Trade - WECo 624A10M Call Director (1ESS Specialty Model) for 1A2 Telephone

Started by segaloco, November 18, 2023, 05:19:20 PM

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Please refer to thread for more detail on and photos of this phone:

According to a reference found by paul-f this is "Used with the recorded announcement frame of the No. 1 Electronic Switching System (ESS)."

I can't speak to whether this phone works for its intended purpose, as it was fitted with an after-market headset adapter which I removed and restored the wiring based on the BSP for the 623-type Call Director given the proximity and the minority of leads that needed to be reconnected.  I have no access to a 1ESS in any way to try it with.

As shown in the photos in yonder thread, the face plate card seems to be soaked, not to the point of dripping, but to the point of leaving smears on the face plate.  It's some sort of oil it seems, not water soluble.  The only recourse is probably to replace the card.  I cleaned it up the best I could but since the oil is soaked into the card more does wind up on the plate after it sits for a bit.

The plastic is pretty yellowed, it was originally grey.  I'm no expert in plastic restoration so I'm not going to risk trying to brighten it up.

The gist of this is all that this is a phone of dubious providence that I can't really prove works, but appears to be a rare item, and I want to ideally get it into the hands of someone who can use it, try and make it work, etc. so if you or a loved one is suffering from the storage footprint of a 1ESS, you're my ideal taker.

I'm not really interested in value for this, I get stuff for research/study value over intrinsic/collector value, so I couldn't say whether my trade interest is of greater or lower value.  The simplest ask is just for a comparable dial Call Director but 1A2 capable.  Other non-500-type 1A2 telephones are also of interest (I've got a 565HKM and 2565HKM, I'm good on that form factor.)  I could probably be convinced to part with it for a few interesting 4xx series KTUs, I've got some 400s already but some of the other ones, like power fail and hold music circuits, stuff to play with in my KSU.  Finally if you've got any nice clean stock 50-pin amphenol cables (male or female) I'd consider this for a handful of such WECo cables with heads and all.