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The new "Doug Pavlichek Memorial Site" in the CRPF "Forum News" area

Started by AE_Collector, January 24, 2016, 12:08:44 PM

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This is a new area of CRPF that Dennis, Myself and the other moderators have discussed the need to create for several years now. With the passing of our good friend and CRPF moderator Doug Pavlichek the time has finally come to move forward and create this special area to remember Doug Pav, members of the CRPF and indeed any and all telephone collectors that have passed away.

Since Wallphone or "Doug Pav" was both a moderator here on CRPF as well as a very good friend to many phone collectors we have decided that this new area will be dedicated to the remembrance of Doug Pavlichek.

I have hunted down the memorial topics that I can recall seeing posted in various places throughout the forum and have moved them here. There are likely more. If anyone knows of any other announcements that exist elsewhere on CRPF, send a PM to a moderator or even just add a post to the existing topic requesting that it be moved to the memorial area. One of us will see your post and move the topic to where it belongs.