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Flea Market season has arrived in New England.

Started by persido, April 19, 2015, 10:53:20 AM

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After a very long hard winter, flea market season has arrived, a lot of the flea markets in the area had there grand openings today. I had a good start to the season in Hollis New Hampshire, I found 2 302's and a 5302G, I have 5 5302's phones, this is my first 5302G what is the difference between the 5302 and the 5302G and there is a marking on the bottom R1667, dose anyone know what this marking means.


Mr. Bones

Congats, Scot!

     I believe the R1667 indicates "Refurbished:1-6-1967". I'm sure others will chime in if I am mistaken.

     Can't recall the G suffix, although I will look through "My Collection", as I'm pretty sure I asked the same question before, and got good answers.

EDIT- Found it, Scot:

Start here, scroll down...
   Mr. Bones
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Doug Rose

Scot.....Janet went to Todd Farm in Rowley this AM while I got my beauty sleep. Didn't work!  ::)  She picked up a real nice WE stick, 3 metal 302s, a near mint AE 40, a Northern Woodie with handset, a 202 dumper with a nice 4H and a  WE space saver and a really nice cuckoo clock

The cream of the crop was this beautiful working AE Payphone. Paint is simply amazing. It was in the original box and had basement phone written on it. My guess is someone had it in the Basement and it got boxed up long ago. Paperwork was still in the box. It has been used, but the paint is superb. ...Doug


Great finds Doug, the payphone is awesome love the ad, Hollis had a lot of great phones, saw several sticks, don't know to much about them, they were WE. there was a seller there that had several AE 34 mono phones one was white, and the other was a dark red, both were in great shape, looked new, the seller was asking $300 a piece, I only brought $200 with me (I have to have some kind of control), looks like it going to be a great summer.



All 5302 telephones with dials were 5302G versions, I believe. I don't think they came without a dial.  They were not always marked completely though, the designation really being somewhat superfluous. The G indicates the dial face, being a combination of numbers and letters, like a 302G.  I don't think the 5M dial came with any other dial plate than the 164C. I do not recall having seen a 5302E, which would be the manual version.

On the other hand, the 5304 and the 5306 were usually C-models (5304C and 5306C) with the same dial plate, like a 304/306C.  304- and 306-type sets always had a three conductor cord, being party-line telephones. Therefore, they didn't have E,F,G, and H models.

A,E : manual
B,F:  all numbers plate
C,G:  numbers and letters

A,B,C for 302s with two-conductor line cords (bridged ringing), 304 and 306 sets with three-conductor cords
E,F,G for 302s with three-conductor line cords

Sets were also marked with the type of handset present:   F1 F4 G GF
and with the type of handset cord:  R for retractile spring cord.

So, many sets were fully marked:   5302GR3GF, for example, for a 5302G with spring cord, in black color, with a GF handset.


There are some marked 5302E sets. They have 95-type apparatus blanks that don't really fit. I was hoping they had blank number plates and 3-inch blanks , but that's not the case.

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Nice finds, guys.  It was a wonderful morning to be out.

Doug,  It looks like your payphone has some SC parts - at least the dial and handset.  Did Janet happen to get any history about where it was found?

There are some poor harvested photos of a marked 5302E here.

I haven't seen many marked sets, but have seen other 5302s modified with non-WE apparatus blanks.
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Doug Rose

Hey Paul....the Paperwork points to a "Long Island Telephone Company." A refurb outfit for sure, like the ads in the back of Stereo Review etc in the 60s. If the phone was repainted it is a wonderful job. The dial and the handset are SC, the I think phone is an AE, maybe it is all SC. There is no coin box and the cover does not stay on. There are no keys so my next job will be trying to get it open.  It does work. No was a great pay and run to the SUV!!...Doug


Thanks for a look at the paperwork, Doug.

I thought the ad looked familiar and found a few examples that show some of the features and price trends.  Your ad seems to be from 1979 or earlier.  They're posted here:

If you get a chance, it would be great to add good scans of your paperwork to the topic.
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