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Telephone Component Identification Board & Topics

Started by AE_Collector, April 11, 2016, 10:49:08 PM

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This new Board with Child Boards has been created after several discusions re identifying Receivers used on Two Piece Phones. Myself, I am clueless if a receiver doesn't have a Manufacturers name on it and even then it might just be a branded cap that fit on the receiver in question and as to the exact model number...who knows!

This board will likely be a (slow) work in progress relying heavily on the experts and any of us that happen to know a little bit about any particular item. Topics should be created by Manufacturer within the Child Boards with decent pictures hopefully giving model numbers and notes about time frame used and general info about the phones the components were used with. Dont get too hung up on meeting all these requirements or nothing will ever happen.

Anyone who wants to start a topic can do so hopefully having one or more subject component ready to go creating an informative post for other forum readers. Use a fornat such as "Western Electric - Dials" for the topic within the Dials Child Board. Put one item per post with up to 6 pictures. Others will add to that topic posting about other models of Western Electric Dials.

There will be many of us wanting to have items identified. Create a post about the component directly (here) in the main Telephone Component Identification board (not in a Child Board) and discussion can take place to help identify the component. Once identified a modeator will potentially move it to the proper topic if the component has not yet been adequately covered already.

Sorry for all the text here. This is an attempt to create posts IN the childboards with mainly just good information about tge Telephone Components while allowing for discussion and requests for identification directly in this main board.

Questions and/or suggestions about this board and child boards can be asked directly in this topic.

Lets give it a try.....



I don't see the need to have separate sub-boards for these parts, seems very cluttered this way, and most have no posts at all.


oh, I see now that this was recently created.
Again, though... I would not have the sub-boards.
From my experience with bulletin boards and such, having too detailed subboards, hinders casual browsing and discovering.  Only subdivide when things get unmanageable because of high number of posts.


Hopefully, other forum members will start posting stuff on these sub-boards.  Then it will all start to make sense.  I've started a couple of threads in this area in the hope that others will follow.  I dare all the other members to post something on this board!


So the idea here is more that anyone who feels that they are reasonably knowledgable on a specific item will write a post with pictures about the item as an educational topic. Others can add to the topic but hopefully most of the discussion is done to increase the level of knowledge about the item.

I guess the Child Boards could go leaving just this one "board" to put all posts about any and all items in, I just thought it could have some basic structure helping to separate topics into individual components rather than whole telephones being discussed in a topic. We can still work on the board/child board layout as we go.

Feel free anyone to add your opinions here in this topic and as Andrew_janew indicated "I challenge anyone to write something up, take some pictures and put up a topic here to get things rolling". Doesn't have to be perfect, just something that you feel somewhat knowledgable about.