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Kellogg receiver

Started by cloyd, January 04, 2017, 03:23:09 PM

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Hi all,
I have several Kellogg phones because I love the styling.  On a K900 that I received recently, the handset rattled and I finally got around to opening it up.  Do the 900's always have the capsule type receiver?  This receiver doesn't work so I will be replacing it.  If it isn't the right match for a phone of this timeframe, I'll go ahead and put a capsule receiver into it.
I found this type of receiver in a Kellogg catalog for an upgraded wooden wall phone.  According to the picture, it is missing parts.  By the way, the metal "can" pops out of the receiver cup and has the same connections on the back as the capsules have.
Tina Loyd
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