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Help With Ringer Identification

Started by Ktownphoneco, September 04, 2017, 05:58:37 PM

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Afternoon All   ....   I found the ringer pictured below in my "stash" of ringers, but I have no idea who made it.      I have a vague recollection that it came out of a 302, a set for which it obviously wasn't for.    As you can see from the pictures, it's a straight line ringer, with combined coils in series resistance of 3200 ohms.     Of possible significance, the 2 ringer leads are both green in color, which may be characteristic of a particular manufacturer.    The entire frame and gongs are solid brass.     The clapper shaft and striker are brass as well.    One coil has the number 8927 stamped in black ink, and the other has 8926 marked on it in the same fashion.    It has a bias spring as well.     It has a solid ring when connected to a Bell Canada telephone line, and the gongs have excellent resonance that lasts quite long once the ringer stops.    The gongs are placed at an angle in relation to the frame.    Click on pictures for a larger view.

Anyone recognize this ringer and it's maker ?   

Thanks !


It definately did NOT come out of a 302! it looks like its a AE ringer.... but I could be wrong.... might be a stromberg-Carlson ringer.... who knows!


The angled bracket is typical. Also green wires.  And four-digit coil numbers,  89xx.

No. 31 or greater (?)


Unbeldi    ...       Thank you very much !    I appreciate the help.     I had no idea who made the this ringer.       



I can't be sure of the telephone type that this mounting bracket is made for.  The mounting bracket, which is different for the various equipment types, holds the ringer motor and the gongs.
It might be for a Leich 90, which looks like a 70 with a ringer base underneath, but I don't have one to confirm.  The two mounting holes on the bracket look like they have about the proper distance to attach underneath a 70 housing.


Here is one buried deep in a Leich 901B, note the coils are horizontal but the gongs angle down. Copied from this reply


In fact a 601 or 901 is entirely possible.


From the small portion of the ringer I can see in that picture, it's definitely close.     After Unbeldi identified the make, I found the basic motor/frame in an old 1938 Leich Catalog.     It's very close to a No. 31 / No. 32 in design, but the bias spring on this one is different that the one shown in the catalog.    I also found a set of gongs for it, but couldn't find the bracket to which the gongs mount, and connect the gongs to the ringer frame.
It could be an improved version of the 31/32 ringer type for a later Leich set, such as the one posted in the picture John posted below.