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Are AE 20 Hz frequency ringers the same as 20 Hz straight line ringer?

Started by markosjal, February 08, 2023, 09:32:57 AM

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Have you ever noticed this on some AE Ringers?

That is a screw on clapper . I have also noticed that these come in different zizes and often wondered why as My "SL" AE ringer (with volume control) had a smaller one than this 20Hz ringer (without volume control) . 

I would say the easy fix is screw one of these on there even if you do trim it down.

I think it would also be worth paying a visit to your local hardware store. The kind of hardware store that has many "whirly - gigs" as I have been amazed with thigs like Flare fittings used as a direct replacement art on a phone supplemented with a screw together paper binding . If this is for you and will remain inside the phone who cares what it looks like?

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That is one way to identify a frequency ringer, besides the sicker. They all had adjustable clappers.
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Yes but 20hz is a frequency ringer but the frequency we want, at least in N America.!
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An SL ringer will often handle all frequencies from 15-30 Hz without broblems, The 20Hz Ringer will ring at 20Hz only (+/- 2 Hz)


Quote from: dsk on February 08, 2023, 02:14:02 PMAn SL ringer will often handle all frequencies from 15-30 Hz without broblems, The 20Hz Ringer will ring at 20Hz only (+/- 2 Hz)

Good point.

The frequency at which a frequency ringer works is a combination of unique coil windings, metal reed thickness, capacitor value, clapper mass and the position of the clapper on the clapper wire.

A SL ringer is an electro magnet that will ring, but very fast at 60 Hz (120 VAC 60 Hz stepped down to around 90 VAC), at 30 Hz  or 20 Hz, the two standard ring frequencies.

So, a 30 Hz ring generator, such as the rack mountable TellLabs 8101 30Hz ring generator for use with 1A2 systems, would not ring an AE 20 Hz frequency ringer, right?


It should, whereas the 20 cycle frequency ringer will only ring well at 20 cycles.



Thought I posted this OP as a response to a ringer missing a clapper but now I see it here as its own thread.

Strange things seem to happen here
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Sorry, typo.  I meant is shouldn't, at least not well, as it is tuned to respond only to 20 cycles.