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RIP Ozzie Osband Originator of 3-2-1 area code in Titusville passed away at 72

Started by Hill Haven Telephone Company, August 07, 2023, 09:27:06 PM

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Kellogg Kitt

Other Florida area codes with hidden meanings:
786 = SUN
352 = FLA
386 = FUN

Are there any other area codes that have been selected for local significance or to spell out certain letters?

Here is the Atlanta area, I thought a good selection for our next area code would have been 285, because it has a dual meaning.  It spells ATL (Atlanta) on the dial, and it is the same number as Interstate 285, the freeway that encircles the city.  But nobody asked my opinion; they chose 943 instead.



I always thought the Philly area should have gotten 776 - so when dialing "1+", your start the call with 1776 (coming from a member who remembers the bicentennial celebration and had a notebook cover made from the 1974-75 Newport News phone book cover (The Spirit of '76 painting, IIRC) sent by my aunt.)
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Kellogg Kitt

Quote from: compubit on August 09, 2023, 11:10:35 PMPhilly area should have gotten 776 - so when dialing "1+", your start the call with 1776

I like that idea!