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TD816 Stopped Clock

Started by MIPS, May 31, 2020, 01:33:16 PM

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I have been volunteering to install a system at our makerspace and last night after I finished the final connections and did some initial programming I noticed that the clock does not advance when set. I set it at 9:18pm and this morning when I came in it was still 9:18pm.
The 3V button cell doesn't look healthy but would that completely stop the clock even when AC power is available?

Jim Stettler

 Do a total  power down including the battery. The battery is most likely a common size and may be available at the dollar store.

Does it have a sync jumper? If it does sync it to 120v/60 cycles (external) vs internai sync.

Power it back up. set the time, making sure to enter it per programming. you may have to do a "start " as well
Just some things I would try,
You live, You learn,
You die, you forget it all.


The battery is a CR2354 lithium cell with tabs welded to it. I have 2354's on hand but neither tabbed versions or battery holders, so I'll have to pick one up on Monday.

The clock defaults on a full system reset and sits waiting at Jan 1 12:00AM and should start running as soon as you set it and save. I verified with the 816 I have running here at my house, so there's no sync or start/stop toggles.