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Gray Shield on eBay

Started by david@london, April 26, 2014, 06:07:00 AM

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ebay listing
ended 24/10/13, unsold. 72 bids, up to $1676


"There are a number of small chips and wear on the paint after all these years but looks great for its age. There is no rework or repair of this item. This unit appears to have been used during the war as a means to collect money for the troops as you can see in the instruction card. The small dark spots on the inside of the vault drawer are from glue residue which held a green felt cloth on the bottom which has long since gone. An old piece of green felt could be used to replace the old. The entire paystation collector and the specially fabricate wood mounting item are painted to match. All coins sound loud when inserted in the nickel, dime and quarter slots. The transmitter is a Western Electric 229W and shows age on the nickel."

WAR related historical item.  Note the instruction card that indicates this paystation was using during the war to collect money for our troops.  There is a special wooden item to mount the collector and both painted to match.
This item has fantastic old paint with the usual small chips etc.  It comes with the key to work the vault lock; the lock is 100% correct for this model.
THE TRANSMITTER IS A WESTERN ELECTRIC 229W with a Western Electric STAR mountpiece with no chips or cracks.
Nickel, dimes and quarters sound LOUD and work exactly as it should when money is deposited.


.... see pages 48-9 in this gray pay stations catalogue from 1912 (pdf) -  link


another gray pay station shield coin collector recently sold by jydsk of salome, az.

You are bidding on a Gray Telephone Pay Station Company "Shield" coin collector. It was restored in the 1970's by the late A.G. Van Nortwick, an advanced antique telephone collector. This Shield Coin Collector was made to be mounted to the side of a telephone set.   Please note that the red stripes have faded to what would be more accurately termed a reddish-orange color. The restoration was professionally done, and the overall condition is fine. All of the original coin mechanism is intact, and the lock and key are original. Please note that a galvanized liner was inside of the coin collector and this appears in one of the images. The original celluloid instruction sign is in good condition, with the exception of some small scratches.


Jydsk is Steve Hilsz.
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The Gray shield mounted on the backboard with the handle originally found at the the coin op show in Chicago about 20 years ago it did not have the transmitter when found and yes it was to collect money for the war. I bought it from a picker and kept it as found for 10 years then sold it to Dick Pitzer. He sold it on eBay. Nice thing about this collector is it is as it was when in use. Real nice piece.


Quote from: david@london on February 05, 2015, 04:24:45 PM
another gray pay station shield coin collector recently sold by jydsk of salome, az.

For how much and where (eBay). Please post a link if you have it.

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I paid 1200 20 years ago,I have never been there but there is a big show every year up in Chicago that is all coin op stuff lots of good things turn up there


Spotted this auction yesterday. The final selling price jumped to $1752.00. link.

Seller's description:

Another rare find!

We have not cleaned this item, and are selling it as is and as found. The coin catcher is locked in place, and there was no key found with it. It appears that it was touched up with paint on the front at some point.

We have tested with coins, and the results are phenomenal!

When a quarter is inserted, the gong rings once, when a dime is inserted, the bell rings twice, and when a nickel is inserted, the bell rings once. The gong and bell ring out clearly!

Patent dates stamped on the back of Mechanism: Aug. 24 1909, Design Patent Jan. 3 1905, Feb. 8 1898 and Feb. 16 1909

Has some wear (nicks, scuffs, scratches, dings, rust, discoloration) throughout due to age, use, and nature of materials.

This shield does not have a back to it.

Still structurally solid over all.

8.5" Tall x 6 3/4" Wide x 3" Deep

Miss out on this one? We have 1 more Gray Paystation we will list!