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Automatic Electric Type A to Type F US Navy Phones

Started by ntophones, January 06, 2010, 02:27:56 PM

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Very pretty and interesting AE40.  Those grey cords look like switchboard cords. Are they cloth cords?  Howard

Doug Rose

Howard....they are cloth cords and very supple. They are too good, they have to be new, especially with the modular end on the line cord. Not stiff at all.

Really a cool phone with the factory cuts for the handset locks. I have seen the others with the above locking device, but I have never seen this before. ....Doug

Nick in Manitou

I don't know if this is the same battleship phone that was referred to in a previous thread on the forum when it was offered for sale on Craigslist for $800 in un-restored shape or not, but I thought it was pretty cool looking. -- dead link

As I saw there was only one bid on it, I didn't mention it until the auction was over.

I am sure that in its original livery it looked much more utilitarian, but it looks good this way.

It is certainly out of my price range, but it would look great hanging on the wall of my office!


AE made some nifty phones for use on ships. This is definitely one of them.

Unknown winner of this one. 7***n [88]



Anyone see this one?: -- dead link
Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
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Nick in Manitou

It is a good thing that I missed that one...I would have been tempted!!


These ones come up on ebaY fairly often. AE listed all of the ship type phones as "Type X" with the X being a letter. I think the 40 with handset lock is a Type D...isn't it? Most have a metal plate on them somewhere with the "Type" number and contract that it was ordered on for the Navy etc.

We should work on a topic with pictures of all of AE's shipboard phones. We have two of them here now.



Oops, the 40 is NOT a type D. Here is a discussion about the "Cadillac" of the AE shipboard phones, the Type D.



Quote from: paul-f on April 25, 2012, 09:44:58 PM
The Type D pictured above is (as I recall) from an ebay auction in May 2011.  It was presented as a MIB (unused) set, complete with a rather large junction box.  The condition was exceptional and the starting price was $7,500.  Shipping across the country to me would have been another $126.

I remember them on ebaY as well. Except I thought that it was priced at $250 or maybe $350 range. be the $350 figure was with shipping. MayI know he had more than one and at least one, probably two were NIB or at least Refurbed in box possibly. Shipping was over $100. I too talked with him after the auction as they didn't sell but didn't manage to make a deal on them. I think he was in Sacramento area.

Sur would like to find one in that price range now!



I've been working from past Singing Wires articles and past ebay auction photos to piece together a photo album of the Type A to F variations.

Posting may have to wait until the work on the next phase of the TCI Library is completed.
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I posted this today Click Here but it could have been posted here.
Dave, who still needs a Transmitter Bracket for the Automatic Electric Type 38 Handset.


Ok folks a year ago I just had to have one of those big navy phones made by AE.  I have just acquired another similar style.  A type F.  Can find anything on the downloaded catalog of AE phones on this type.  It just amazes me, great addition to my AE family collection. I guess the question is where would I find documentation on this type?


Wrong number card for a U.S. Navy ship but here is a general description...

The TYPE F bulkhead telephone can be installed in any station except those on weather decks. The type F telephone is a non-watertight unit designed for mounting on a bulk-head or on the side of a desk. It consists essentially of a metal housing on which are mounted the handset, dial, and ringer. The line connections are made at a terminal block inside the housing.


Way Cool! One of the few phones that I really like "brassed out"!

I would love to get the entire "Navy Series" of AE Phones. All I have is the 40 and a 50 modified for use on ships. Somewhere on here we started a topic on all of the possibilites. Of course the (is it Type D?) switchboard phone has to be the undeniable "King" of AE Navy Phones. I would love to have one of them and had a shot at one for something like $3xx a few years ago but wasn't able to make a deal with the seller near Sacramento CA.



       That's a nice one !!!!!!! I need to get one also. The only one I have is the 50.   stub
Kenneth Stubblefield