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Gray Coin collector questions

Started by Sargeguy, March 27, 2018, 12:18:56 AM

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I bought a Gray Coin Collector this weekend.  I do not know much about coin collectors.  This appears to be a later model than the No. 7 I own or any of the types pictured in the 1912 catalog.  The number card retainer is held on with screws and is painted, not nickel plated. The card is also different.  The lock is also a different style.  Seems to have some change in it.  Unfortunately, there is no key.

What model coin collector is it? As near as I can tell it is a No. 11 with a 70,247 conversion kit.

What is the best way to open the lock?

Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
TCI /ATCA #4409

Payphone installer

The best way to tell any Gray small collector like this is the dimensions. Some of the older catalogs tell the dimensions of the different collectors that is how I have identified many in the past. Also check under the card frame and see if there are small rivet holes from a earlier card holder. At first glance it looks like your standard number 11. The way I have opened them in the past is to take a dremel tool on the screws that stick all the way threw the back and cut slots in them so you can just screw them inside. On the recessed one on the bottom a drill press is best and a small bit right in the center of the screw with the collector secured in a vice or with a clamp. Remember forward is backward when drilling from the back. The screw usually just backs out. Once the screws are out the collector falls apart. Then you can access the lock screws. The lock can be rekeyed.