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Worldwide Telephone Jacks and Plugs

Started by FABphones, July 23, 2019, 07:43:34 AM

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Here is a plug and receptacle; I think it works similarly to how an operator's cables work. I got it from a 302, if I recall correctly.


Here is a 4 prong plug made by Automatic Electric.


Quote from: FABphones on July 23, 2019, 07:43:34 AM
I'm compiling a photo list of Worldwide Telephone Jacks and Plugs. A go-to quick reference photo guide for telephone enthusiasts to look up the country of origin here on CRPF.

It's coming along nicely and I'd like to add your photos to the list so I need the help of CRPF members.

Could you please post in reply to this thread, photos of any original Plugs/Jacks you have saying their Make/Country of origin etc (if you know - no probs if you don't).

No need to take any new photos if the Plug/Jack is pictured with your phone. I can crop and edit.

With thanks.

Eg:  French
I hope I may see your document soon, and I hope you may tell us about the most common pinout on those you have that info.





Here are the 4 prong jacks that I have


Here are the modular jacks that I have.  Yes, one of them needs a cover plate and I don't have one for it.


Quote from: Haf on August 04, 2019, 04:21:27 AM
Similar topic with lots of pictures of plugs and jacks and info about:


Very useful info and pics Haf. Thanks for adding.
And thanks all for the photos and info so far, very helpful.
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Here is a jack that I found.  I'm not sure where it came from.


I'm surprised nobody has yet mentioned the good old GPO Plug 420.

Also attached is a picture showing the standard British, and, I believe, Israeli, BT Plug 431A along with the six-contact variant, the 631A.


Here is a plug from Australia.



Here is a screen shot of something I saw on eBay:

Russ Kirk

What is this one used for?
- Russ Kirk


I believe I  have seen both these on intercoms, the last (not sure the number of pins) used by the Ringmaster intercom.
PS The company founded by Gustav Alfred Ring had a logo otwo rings OO and their office was a circular house  :)


A couple from me:

1. Italian 3 pin from my Grillo phone. Note that the Grillo plug from Jim Settler earlier must be a USA export version. Mine is definitely correct Italian as I had to source the socket from Italy (I usually remove original plugs and convert to UK via new lead or junction box, but the Grillo has the buzzer in the plug so that wasn't an option).

2. East German 1980s