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Oldphoneworks New Look on Website

Started by poplar1, December 12, 2022, 09:20:28 PM

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Looked on oldphoneworks website today. Can't believe the new prices. Dial overlays went from $4 to $10. One cloth handset cord is $29. I knew they had raised the overlays to $10 on ebay, but they were still $4 on the website.

They don't even show the cloth cords with plastic conductors inside. (These were more like the 1937-1952 cords for black 302s, and were 30% cheaper than the cords with cloth jacket and cloth conductors.)

Their premade handset cords are still shorter than originals. At least they are "53 inches" now instead of "48" -- but they are measuring from tip to tip, rather than restraint to restraint, so you have to subtract 8.5" (7" inside the phone and 1.5" inside the handset) to get the length between the restraints (44.5"). The original WE H3C cords are marked "4-0", which is 48" between the restraints!

So disappointing, since their cords are better quality than Phoneco's.
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