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Color Telephone Jacks

Started by Doug Rose, March 05, 2023, 10:35:16 AM

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Doug Rose

I just bought a box of jacks on eBay from a fellow member.

I was certainly surprised by the difference in colors of the internals of the jacks....Doug


Nice find Doug . Here in Quebec , it's hard to find one, at least, in a store , young men who work in the electronics business don't even know what it is ! And even then , there is no stock of these things in the store , even though it is discontinued :( due to the fact that most people have a cell phone and no land-line phone .


I would guess WE, or whoever, injected hot plastic into the "terminal board" mold using whatever plastic was left over in the hot pot after injection molding handsets, housings and handset caps.

Color is meaningless on an internal component, no one sees it until it is opened.

Looks like WE trying to get everything they could out of a pot of molten plastic, nothing more, nothing special.


What a find!  I know of ivory, grey, and dark brown, but have never seen green, blue, or black!



I still have Home Phone Service, and don't mind paying the $90.00 a month that it is nowadays, but many consider that excessive and don't have a home phone anymore.


Kellogg Kitt

Quote from: TelePlay on March 05, 2023, 12:10:04 PMusing whatever plastic was left over

I think that is probably right.  I have seen them with multiple colors swirled together and assumed that they melted down left over scraps they could find.


Doug Rose

Thanks Folks.....once in a while I have seen a base swirl, almost all I have seen are Ivory with an Ivory cover....kinda cool....Doug


The swirled plastic is most likely a change over from one color to another, no need to drain and clean the feed lines of hot plastic.

Simply push the next color through and keep making terminal blocks until the blocks are non-swirled with the next color.

Were making beige housings, put green on line and use the terminal block molds to use up the last bit of beige, then several runs of swirled beige and green and when the lines are clean, the green blocks.

Those in the image above look like various well known housing colors from black to white.