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Kellogg number card found on AE 51 type dial

Started by RotoTech99, October 14, 2022, 12:47:02 PM

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Dear CRPF:

The attached photos are of a Kellogg number card found on a AE 51 dial I have.

Discoloration on the back is from corrosion around the number card holder, and the slight damage to one side on the front from removing it prior to cleaning.

Feedback and comments welcomed.


Kellogg Kitt

I love the Kellogg griffin logo.  I would rather see it on a Kellogg dial than an AE dial, though.  Maybe move it to another phone, if you have a Kellogg?

It is a shame that one is in such bad condition, but the damage will be less noticeable with the retaining ring around it.


It was not uncommon for Kellogg phones to have AE dials on them.
If you need a reproduction Kellogg number card, there is an excellent one to print on this thread:


Quote from: RotoTech99 on October 14, 2022, 12:47:02 PM...the slight damage to one side on the front from removing it...

Put the number card back into use with a black disc underneath to help camouflage the damage.
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