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I want a "free" PAX

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Experimental poll:

I am an optimist, and can see a small possibility of this idea might come true.
I hope get the Telenorm PAX, and then I have no room for more step by step equipment so.
If I get the possibility to get another PAX with only a few lines of random European make 1975 or older and want to give it away.


 >:( I cant change errors in the poll text, so when I say our guest room I ment our and not yours when you answer the poll!   :D


I'll take the free visit (provided "Room Service" is included), the olso telecom museum sounds like a good day trip as well! However, I think it may be awhile before I get back to Norway. last visit was 1983. Have been looking at some cruises around Great Britain and some go to Norway as well so you never know, I may be trying out that super duper door bell of yours soon!


The pax has gone to new owner, so the offer is outdated, anyway, please let me know if you are visiting Norway, or have plans to do so.



you are not talking about something like this are you?:
If so, those are quite easy to get and we'll find a way getting it to Norway.

If you are complainig about space problems, this is one of the smallest ones here:


No, this was only a pretty good PAX to good to be trash, so I had find a home for it.



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