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Northern Electric 1240

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Thanks for the help!

Yes, 15 red and 15 black keys on my set.

I just downloaded all the information ... that will be a great help!

The project is on hold till the winter ... trying to build a new workshop (a place to move all my "toys").

I love this unit and it would be great to get it up and working!

I have conduits in between the house and new shop so I can set up my own little home phone company.

The locals who visit get a real kick out of making calls between my two magneto wall phones (just wired two together).  I can only imagine who how they will feel when they need to call an operator to make a even a local call.  Gives people a good feel of how it was 100 years ago!

Great info page!  Even found a link to a 223 pay phone.  I had one given to me last year ... want to get it up and running also.  It is amazing how many  people have never used a pay phone!

Thanks again ..... mike


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