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Thought I'd share this video of two people exploring a cold war-era bunker with a surprisingly still intact telephone exchange, granted it's been vandalised, but a lot of it is still there and probably serviceable once cleaned up:

Mostly Strowger step by step

You may see some frome a Norwegian cold war exchange from the Cuba Crises  25 sec int this film:

The complete manual backup, the exchange is protected as a museum.

It's remarkable how fast such places have deteriorated.  It's difficult to locate any of the facilities I worked in during the late '70s to 1980.  I know where they are, but they are either put to different purposes or obliterated and a part of agricultural fields.  I hate to se the memories gone, but it's good they aren't needed now. 

From 20:02, another cold war-era exchange gets a look, and this one appears to be somewhat functional:


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