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Your Very Own Step Office!

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Just came across this listing on eBay for a step office, looks pretty complete to my untrained eye.
Only $11,200, such a deal!

is that delivered?

No, you go fetch it. It says so in the listing. I'm thinking it's just bolted down, because one of the shots I see a lot of cables just hanging around. But even then it's a lot of special equipment to move that out and load it up safely. Then connecting it up will be difficult if not much is documented.


--- Quote from: RB on May 01, 2019, 11:36:01 AM ---is that delivered?

--- End quote ---


I would want it delivered and installed for that price.  ;)

Seriously though, what would any potential buyer do nowadays with this piece of kit (and for that amount of money)?

Yes that's a large chunk of change, plus removing it and having it delivered.. that's even more than its really worth at this point. He might as well ask for the moon and star's.


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