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and that reminds me.... are some of those lamps wired in series with the actual phone line? I've forgotten the wiring on a switchboard... so used to seeing things controlled through relays!

Thanks for the great information. I always have trouble searching in TCI library due to ineptness on my part.

The builds in my 2 555s are K2.

The station lights are indeed tied to the RING side through switches.
The trunk/incoming call side light is also, but after a series of relays operate.
on a 555 board, anyway... does look like the bulbs were tuned to the loop length.
New wrinkle in the brain!

Yup! then LEDS won't work in that situation... unless the circuit is modified to accept them...


--- Quote from: Fabius on June 26, 2019, 09:50:10 PM ---
The builds in my 2 555s are K2.

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Opps ??? Bulbs, not builds


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