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FYI, just to remind all you guys... there is a source for the new LED lamps, They have the T2 lamps in 12-24 volt and are available in Green, Red, Yellow (Amber), Blue, and White. They work great in a switchboard setting because they are slightly longer then the regular 51A lamps and are high intensity so they can be used behind a colored lens. I use them in my alarm panel which uses the same type lamp holders that a 550 series switchboard uses. as far as a 48 volt version? not that I have found yet...

Jim Stettler:
I am old school. Use the proper lamps until you run out, then source NOS  from somewhere. LED alternates are an interesting sideview. But, by the  time collectors run out of proper lamps , the technology will be somewhere else.
JMO, Jim

Ok, my ignorance is showing again... :-[
why on earth, would you need so many different voltages for lamps? ???
There has to be a tuning issue there somewhere???

Yeh, I agree Jim. those lamps will last forever! all the lamps I have never been pushed to their full potential. even the 51A lamps don't burn out... haven't had to buy lamps forever except to try the LEDs. I basically bought those because of the colors... behind a white lens... you can add a good amount of color to your switchboard if you want to!

lamps selected for power supply voltages and possible loop length


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