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Is There Any Interest in Strowger Switches?

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Wire banks are harder to find than switches.Connector switches can be used to build a 2 digit switch.

Most of the ones I see on eBay usually go for about $100.

I looked on there and saw about the same thing.    I will post here and see if i get any feedback.    I originally planned to use these as an early 1970s attempt at a "Smart House".   Back then we had only rotary phones available here (No DTMF) and my plan was to use a phone in every room and the stepper switches to control various functions.   I was also going to use a digit (Like dial "9" for an outside line) that would connect with the phone line or dial various 2 digit commands to perform the function assigned to that number. 

  Never did build it though, so the switches sat around gathering dust.   I did eventually several years later design and build a system using DTMF that did a similar function.  (Microprocessor though, all solid state.)  That one is still working with a few variations.  (Amazing what can be done to robocallers when you let a computer with control functions answer and screen incoming calls!)


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