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Siemens exchange do not work

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Anybody who has schematics for this one, cant get it working. :(

Sir... You dive off the deep end don't you???
Is that a transformer?
I bet if you follow pins 1 &2, and 4 & 5 to that white term strip, you can find the Vcc in???

Yes it is a small compact transformer, mot sure but I believe it is for the transfer of sound signals.

Ok, an iso transformer.
Odd that it has 2 primary windings???
Next attempt...
First pic, lower right corner, blue rectifier...
Where do the 2 yellow wires go?
Guessing that big transformer next to it?

The 2 yellow is the AC wires, and the rectifier did not work well, so I changed it.  (It had a little smoke leakage, and I was not able to put that smoke back  ;D )

When I go off hook some relay are activated, and one is pulsing when I dial, but nothing more is happening.

When I press one relay, one of the phones is ringing at 60V mains frequency (terrible sound)


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