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Any Switchers out There? Xbar, SxS

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--- Quote from: dsk on March 29, 2015, 12:25:14 PM ---This is the documentation available, The dial are good, and I have tested several phones on this line, and this phone on other lines. It has to be the inter-digit timer. And I am not able to determine witch capacitor to look for.  Maybe better resolution here?


--- End quote ---
Looks a little better, but honestly, it's steep curve without access to the equipment to take some measurements.  It may not even be just a capacitor, it could be a failing relay.  The relay logic in switching systems can be daunting.

MADhouse Telephone is an all Automatic Electric SxS switch with 200 line capacity. I have been working on it as the mood hits me for the last 20 years. It is approximately half operational. Through contacts with many other switchers over the years, I have added various features that few collectors have, such as coin trunks,  test trunks and service measuring equipment. I even use a GTE/Lenkurt T1 channel bank for POTS and C*NET access. Pic and videos can be found under the MADhouse name on Facebook and Youtube.

I see the TCI logo has problemms to be clear so here it is again.


After long time of testing this trunk
does not work well any more.  I may put it on line 0 (e.g.) and dial 0 and get dial tone, but have to add dtmf from the dialing telephone.
The pulse decoding did not work and just cuts off the connection.


Now, I am trying out with a optocoupler relay, so far it seems to work.  Not a good break make ratio, but it is understood by the Smart1 so I deem it to be good enough. This system will not accept to slow dials, but 10-12 PPS seems to be OK so far.


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