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--- Quote from: AE_collector on November 23, 2011, 09:28:54 PM ---I was going to ask "Where's the -24V Talk Battery" but finally noticed it at the far right side of the block. So it really goes on Pins 1 & 2 but also gets attached to the metal frame of the PBX.

--- End quote ---
Hi Terry:

Yep! I am going to trek through the snow to mail out the ring generator this morning to ernest12 - have to ask him to say Hi to his cousin Lily (inside joke)! Now he can have his board do the "one ringy-dingy,  two ringy dingy thing!"

Well I am happy to report that the old 555 PBX is working at 80%. All the station and trunk lamps, bussers etc that I have wired work.   By replacing the mouth piece I can now call out using the Western Electric #52 headset, however I still cannot hear the party at the other end.  I exchange out the original ear piece with an extra one I had.  This ear piece might not be functional.  It is scratched up a bit.
It did not work.

Any suggestions?

My next challenge  will be to try to get the dial to work.


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