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Went to my retirement "Beer-Up" last night with the other 18 guys who are retiring at the same time as myself and a few hundred co-workers, managers and already retired people from our past. It was a lot of fun!

One guy has a bunch of pictures on his phone from a recent install they did in a 100 year old business still in the original building. This abandoned system was still on the wall so he took pictures knowing that I would be interested.

I have never seen one of these units before so I am guessing that it is just a PAX (intercom). Does anyone recognize it or have a guess who the manufacturer is?

It obviously has 4 "LF" Line finder rotary line switches on the top left and 4 "FS" Final Selectors (?) on the top right. It likely has 4 talk paths and potentially 25 stations. The Station numbering is a bit odd according to the Line relays: 21-27, 91-90 & 71-78.

Does "Fianal Selector" imply British or did most of Europe use that terminology. We did use a LOT of British equipment here in British Columbia and Canada back in the fist half of the 19xx's. Of course AE made a lot of automatic systems back then too but it doesn't look AE to me.

Anyone got any guesses? Someone want to help me attempt to gain ownership of this one real soon?


German PAX, possibly Siemens; also possible that it was imported by U.S.I. which was eventually absorbed by Stromberg Carlson which continued to distribute the line.

There were several other European manufacturers that could have manufactured it as well. I’ll have to take a closer look at my European  PAX’s the next time I get a chance to visit my storage units.

The European fuses and relays are saying it did not originate on these shores but without viewing additional markings I cannot vouch 100-percent for the above.

Steph Kerman on the TCI list most likely would be able to pin down the manufacturer.

Some additional thoughts-

It is a very desirable piece and worth several hundred dollars to the right collectors.

Possibly British Siemens using designs/assemblies from their German brethren.

It would be nice if we could see a clearer image of the markings on the electrolytic capacitor or of any on the transformers and other components though they could have been supplied/replaced by U.S.I. or S.C.

In addition to Steph Kerman, try Jeremy Walters. I believe Jeremy may also be knowledgeable as well and it wouldn’t hurt to ask either of them.

Thanks G-man. I forwarded the link to Jeremy earlier so he will likely take a look soon as well. I tried zooming in on the capacitor and can almost read the writing but didn't see any clues on it. That is it for pictures and picture quality for the moment but I will attempt to arrange a visit myself this week.

It has been a good week. I found and removed my second Ericsson 636 Crossbar PAX on Tuesday or Wednesday and now have a lead on this one! Here is a topic on my first 636 PAX:


This PAX was manufactured by Autophone of Wimbeldon London England. It uses GPO No.2 Uniselectors and a version of the GPO 3000 type relays with an armature which was clippped on instead of the normal screw fixing. It has German style fuses.
John Mulrane. 


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