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Protel 4000 board ringer on /off?

Started by tallrick, May 04, 2019, 10:12:58 AM

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My question is simple, on the Protel board for WE housings with a mechanical ringer, can the ringer be turned on and off with the Expressnet software or is it a hardware only option? I have a phone with a ringer that does not work, the fuses are good and nothing on the pc boards seems burned. The ringer does not ring. Before I spend an hour of my life tracing the board any ideas?


I know this is a really old post, but boy do I wish there was an answer.  I have the same issue - a 4000 series board that works fine, I can receive calls on it but it will not ring.  I was able to connect to it with Expressnet and reprogram the phone, but I haven't seen a setting for the ringer. 

I am using a Grandstream HT812 ATA with the "ring power high" setting on.  According to the manual it should be able to drive up to 3 REN, but maybe the payphone doesn't like the quality of the ring signal from the ATA.  I would love to know how to troubleshoot further before I drop almost $100 on a ring booster (Viking RG-4)

EDIT:  I got it working!!  After I posted I measured the voltage on the ringer to add more information here, and found about 50 VAC.  Looking closer I noticed the spring was forcing the hammer against the adjustable gong.  It should be resting away from that one.  I bent the spring the other way with some pliers and tried again - sure enough, it rang.  It's not a strong ring, but it's a ring.  I'll take it.  I imagine it was standard practice for techs in the field to "adjust" the ringer this way so it wouldn't make a noise on incoming calls.  Just a guess.  My payphone came out of an airport.  I'll leave all this info in case it helps someone else.

Incidentally, there is a setting in Expressnet to turn off the internal piezo ringer.  I did deactivate it, but I don't know if this had any effect on the gong ringer.


Quote from: Dennis1700 on April 17, 2023, 08:21:03 PM...I got it working!!..

Welcome here Dennis . Thanks for the information .