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Western Electric G-1 Handset

Started by andre_janew, May 15, 2016, 07:12:42 PM

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I'm posting a couple of pictures of a Western Electric G-1 handset.  These are commonly used on WE 500 and WE 554 sets.  I know there may be other models that use them. 


Yes, the G1 and its successors are pretty much a universal handset.
-Bill G


Made in just about every color too (plastic), and of course the classic black Bakelite version.


Does the G1 you have pictured have the F1 transmitter/HA1 receiver or the T1 transmitter/U1 receiver?
Is the handset bakelite or thermoplastic?
Are the end caps bakelite or thermoplastic?  I have seen bakelite and thermoplastic handsets but only thermoplastic end caps which can be very difficult to get off.

Dennis Hallworth


All G1s are Bakelite. Black thermoplastic handsets are G3s (or G15 modular).
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It has the T-2 transmitter/SC3 receiver.  The handset is dated 12-58 and the caps are dated 1-59 and the caps were difficult to get off.  I got some Zap hand soap from work.  This soap is in liquid form and has a gritty feel to it.  It used it on the threads and rinsed it off when I was done.  My dad would've said that I lapped in the threads with this stuff.  Anyway, the caps are easier to remove now.