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How can I attach a link to a topic, plz

Started by RotoTech99, July 21, 2022, 05:40:22 PM

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Hi, I need to know how to attach a link to topic thread, please.



First highlight the web address to top of the page you wish to link to. Then copy.
(Control C or tap finger twice on text if Apple device, select Copy).

Go to the thread you want to place the link in, and paste into the text field.
(Control P - at the location you want the link to appear - or tap finger twice if Apple device, select Paste)

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Dear CRPF:

When I was asking how to post a link, I wanted to know how to do it from my phone.

The instructions for doing it on my PC are helpful as well



Same way. Just hold your finger on the URL (between the red bars on the image below) until a window pops up and tap "copy."

That will put the link on your phone's clipboard.

The, in the topic or reply, put the cursor where you want to put the link and then tap on the cursor. A box pops up asking if you want to select or paste. Tap "Paste" and the link on the clipboard will be pasted into the topic, like this:

The finish your topic/reply and click "post" to post it.

I did this reply from my iPhone.