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Welcome to the new CRPF Switching Area (Please Read Me!):

Started by DavePEI, November 26, 2012, 06:45:29 AM

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This new "Telephone Switching" Category on the Classic Rotary Phone Forum is for discussions about various forms of switching. It is not to be used to replace the wonderful sources of switching information out there; rather to supplement them.

There are many great sources of switching information, but to begin with we suggest the following, in addition to the others:

General Switching:

TCI's Library and the Bruce Crawford Switching Library:
TCI's Singing Wires List Server:


CNET VOIP Archives:
Older Phones & Phone Systems on VOIP:

From time to time we will add resources to this list for your further research. These are excellent resources where you will find a number of experienced switching hobbiests.

Please select the most appropriate section to place your posts. If you topic includes discussion about multiple switching technologies, or are of general interest, please place your message under the main switching topic.

The following Boards have been set up. Please select the most appropriate one before posting:

General Switching Discussions [This One]
For general discussion of Switching topics, and for discussions covering more than one switching technology.

Key Systems (Electronic, 1A2 etc)
For discussion and information on electro-mechanical and electronic Key Systems.

Magneto & Manual (Cord Boards etc)
For discussion and information on all Magneto and Cord Boards

Strowger (Step by Step)
For discussions and information about Strowger Step by Step Equipment

Cross Bar
For discussion and information on Crossbar Systems

For discussion and information on Electronic Switching Systems, eg. ESS.

VOIP, Asterisk, C*NET etc
For discussion and information on VOIP systems and equipment, Asterisk, and for CNET.

Other Switching Technologies
For discussion and information on Rotary, Panel, and Cross Point etc.

Carrier & Radio
For discussions and information about Microwave lines, long lines, and multiplexing and other transmission systems between offices.

The board is structured so we can add more as required.

We would like to promote switching as a side hobby for other telephone collectors. On behalf of all those who helped set up the switching section, we want to invite you to use it, and I hope you will find it of interest to you. Whether you do any switching yourself, every collector should have some switching knowledge, and I hope this area can be the source of some of that!

Terry - AE_Collector
Dave - DavePEI
Phil - Weco355aman

Our gracious thanks to Dennis Markham for providing space and technical support making this section possible.
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Good Intro to the new "Telephone Switching" area Dave!

After about a year of talking about it (at least), Dennis finally gave the green light to set up a switching discussions area on the Classic Rotary Phone Forum which we all think is a Good Idea. This forum provides a unique way to discuss various subjects where pictures can easily be inserted directly into the discussion and where the topic remains available to be easily found and read at a later time.

Switching discussions have already taken place on CRPF over the four plus years that it has existed. They were just hidden in with all the other talk about phones and ebaY finds, or in the "Off Topic" areas where Cars, Radio's, TV's and Clock discussions take place.

Besides the usual Panasonic PBX discussions we hope to bring talk and pictures of other exciting switching items such as Remco's recent find and the subsequent rescue of a Philips UH200 PABX!

If anyone has a "Switching Story" to tell, many of us would like to hear it! Just create a new Topic in the appropriate area here and tell us about it.