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and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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Find of the Month - April 2017

Started by AE_Collector, February 28, 2017, 12:17:59 AM

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Find of the Month - April 2017   *** VOTE FOR THREE ***

jjflory's Complete WE 50AL updated with an F1 "Bulldog" Transmitter, 706 Receiver and 634 subset for $110 from an antique store
5 (17.2%)
shadow67's WE metal housing 302 dated 1940 on eBay for $39 with free shipping
6 (20.7%)
Pourme's WE/American Bell wood 295a subset factory converted from a Type 124a wall set on eBay for $25.00 plus $22.00 shipping
5 (17.2%)
TelePlay's Mar 1945 AE 40 with black number plate, straight line ringer and original cords on eBay for free
7 (24.1%)
Autonut's cast Bronze Bell Canada sign that I purchased and picked up from the previous owner for a very reasonable price
13 (44.8%)
WEBellSystemChristian's 1953 WE Ivory Two Tone 500 on Etsy for $32 plus shipping
8 (27.6%)
compubit's WE 1702B 10 Button Imperial Princess on eBay for $36 plus $11.65 shipping
9 (31%)
Sargeguy's Ansonia Brass & Copper Co. gong that came on a N.E.T.&T. TYPE 57 ringer box on eBay for $35.00 plus shipping
7 (24.1%)
Fabius' 1921 Indiana Bell Telephone 11 x 11 porcelain sign on eBay for $227 plus shipping
7 (24.1%)

Total Members Voted: 29


Big thanks to everyone who took the time and voted. All finds were great this month.
This is the second April win in a row for me with 29 members voting in both as well.

It's great to know that my name will now be added to the FOTM Trophy for a second time. 
Looking forward to next April 2018 contest. I'll still try for other month's, but April seems to be working for me. :)
CDN Doug