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Big Load of Parts...What are they?

Started by Nick in Manitou, April 30, 2016, 11:59:26 PM

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Nick in Manitou

I saw an ad on Craigslist where they said they had a number of boxes from wooden phones and they didn't want to send them to the dump.  They had a limited time, and needed to get rid of them.  They were having an estate sale and I figured I'd stop by an was hoping they might have a receiver I could use on my WE candlestick.

It turned out that they didn't have any receivers and the woman was in town assisting her mother dispose of a part of her late husband's phone collection.  Most of the complete phones have been shipped to Georgia, where the daughter is taking her time to sell them.

Now, I don't know much of anything about the old wooden phones, and our house is on the market in preparation for an out of state move, so I am NOT looking to increase my supply of project phones or miscellaneous telephone parts...but I told the lady, if the end of the sale comes along and you still have this material, let me know and I will come get it.

So, now I am looking for information about what it is that I have in my possession and if anyone sees anything that they need/want, please make me an offer that is fair to BOTH of us and it will be yours.

As I said, I am getting ready to move and certainly don't need to move a lot of extra stuff.

A few of the items were labeled by the fellow who had the collection.  I don't know if the labeling is correct, but where the labels were attached to something, I have included them in the photos.

If there is anything you see that needs another photo, please let me know and I will respond.

Well, here is what I ended up with.

(There are three wooden back boards that seem to be brand new, but I don't know what they are intended to be part of. If someone needs measurements I could supply them.)   

More photos in the following post.

Nick in Manitou

I have been having troubles with posting the photos...I keep getting the message, "Your attachment has failed security checks and cannot be uploaded."

Here's trying again...

Nick in Manitou


Nick in Manitou

Still more:

Please note, any price tags in the photos are what was on the item when I received it.  I have not priced any of this and assume that if I were just listing these for sale, I should put them into the classified area.  (I will be looking to sell/dispose of most of these items, but mostly with this thread, I am looking to see what these really are.)

Nick in Manitou

I hope that this is not getting too long...

I know what these are, but I wanted to include them as they were part of the load.

Nick in Manitou

Still having issues with posting photos...

Nick in Manitou

Photo issues continue

Nick in Manitou

The tag says it is a 1917 Kellogg subset that needs to have the ringer connected.

Nick in Manitou

I do see where the item in the lower photos says Stromberg Carlson...

Nick in Manitou

A mostly 1952 302 base

An AE and an SC handset?

Nick in Manitou

A couple Princess phones

Power supply?

A bunch of ringer parts

Nick in Manitou

More wiring components that someone might be looking for.

And a few modern items that are probably not of much interest.  The yellow handset and the pink phone are both painted (pretty well, but painted).

If there is anything that you see in any of the many photos above that you want a better look at, please let me know.

Also, if there are any parts here that have little value, but would help you complete a project, cover the postage and it will be headed your way.  As I indicated earlier in this thread, if there is some value to something, make me an offer that is fair to both of us and I will send it along.


That is quite the haul. What did you pay for all that stuff, if you don't mind telling us.


Now, so as not to hijack this thread but to point out one reason why images don't pass the security check (as noted being a problem several times above), I posted my personal observations on how to "fix" an offending image based on my trial and error "experiments" at this new topic


This is interesting...someone was obviously into phones much like we here are. The family is overwhelmed with his treasures. I hope you find some phone whispers here that can use this man's accumulation of goodies!   

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Never say Never, depending on what you paid we may have a competing lot for find of the month.

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