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Canadian Independent Telephone Company Candlestick Information

Started by rbouch, January 15, 2017, 04:10:08 PM

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Please see the photos attached to this post.

I just found this candlestick and it helps me realize how much I have to learn.

The pictures below are of the phone as I found it.

What I do know:
1. The Canadian Independent Telephone Company operated from 1920-1925 and then either went bankrupt or got bought by bell
2. They made wood wall phones and a couple of different types of candlesticks

What I don't know:

1.  Subset cord has five wires - used to 3 or 4, what is this configuration for
2.  I assume this is a sidetone phone?
3. I have a 534 subset as well as a 634 - I assume would hook this up to the 534.
4. Does anyone know of a schematic of any sort that would show how this hooks up?
5.  It looks to me like the receiver is origianl but that it has been painted, as well as the inside of the mouthpiece, are the other parts on this original?
6. Anything else anyone could tell me about this phone would be appreciated


More Pictures


Ralph   ....   You probably have, and in good condition, one of the most difficult to find, Canadian made telephones.        I'm sure I'm safe in saying, schematics for these sets are impossible to find.   The company was in business for such a short period of time, and their products weren't used by that many telephone companies, parts, schematics and the telephones themselves, are in very short supply.     
The set you posted pictures of appears to have an on-board induction coil.     That's most likely why there is a 5 conductor mounting cord.     It would connect to a subscriber set (subset) that most likely would contain the magneto, a ringer and a condenser (capacitor).     Finding the correct subset, I have to assume, is next to impossible.    I think your best bet is to modify a more common subset to accomodate the desk stand itself.     I can't, right off the top of my head, remember whether it was Kellogg or Stromberg Carlson that used a similar arrangement in one of their desk stands, in that they installed an induction coil inside the base of the desk stand.   I'll try and hunt that down later for you.   But I would imagine the mounting cord configuration will be somewhat similar to the set you have.

Jeff Lamb


Thanks for the info Jeff.
I guess this is another I'll have to bring down for you to have a look at along with that grey green northern electric 302..


No problem Ralph.     Just give me a call or email me before hand to make sure Ièm goiing to be home.



Canadian Independent Telephone were associated with Canadian Machine Telephone (Lorimer) as they shared the same office.  While Bell acquired Canadian Machine, it was a young Ted Rogers that acquired Canadian Independent since they had also branched into Radios.  Ted Rogers built the company into the giant Rogers Communications - initially growing in the Radio industry, then cable TV and eventually circling back offering telephone and data services.
Craig Stanowski


Thanks for the information, Craig.
I have been lucky enough to find a friend who has the companion subset for the phone.  Can't wait to hear what this thing sounds like (sidetone and all).