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My first working Candlestick: 151AL with 684BC and 684A subsets

Started by allnumbedup, April 23, 2022, 01:56:46 PM

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I won this, my first working candlestick on an online auction where I could not get good views on markings or dates or the fingerstop on the dial but had just read an excellent post on it's subset.
151c with 684BC
So I left a bid and won the phone/subsets for $86 including buyers premium and shipping.  It is a 151AL with a conversion in 1936 from a #2 to #4 dial with inside dates, 1919 date on the receiver, a 337 transmitter and marked thru 20AL on the perch. It came with two subsets and is attached to the 684A with a four line cord marked D4N 5-6 IV 36. This subset has six leads coming into it while the 684BC one has none. The phone sounds sidetone through this subset.

I look forward to testing the subsets, think it will clean up well, love the dial card and will be a definite keeper for me.
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Doug Rose

Really nice got a beauty at a bargain price....Doug