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Please help identify this phone

Started by Jiri Placek, June 23, 2022, 05:15:09 PM

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Jiri Placek

I just got this phone and I wonder if the make and model can be identified from the attached pictures.  It came with what appears to be WE 534A ringer box with the inside label painted over and stamped in red as 634A.  Being a newbie to antique phones I would greatly appreciate an advice on how to connect the three phone leads (brown, red, and orange) to the ringer box, and how to connect the ringer box to the land line.
Thanks, Regards, Jiri


Images removed, rotated, reinserted:

Doug Rose

Automatic Electric with a WE #6 dial....Doug


It also looks like a Western Electric bulldog transmitter on the AE model 21.


Welcome to the forum. Nice looking stick from the outside. The inside has a bit of rust, may need to clean some of the wiring & contacts. IIRC there is wiring diagrams here on how to hook up the WE dial to the AE stick. That diagram will also give you the rest of the connections. Check the wiring diagram section.
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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Can you post inside pictures of the 634A subset?


Judging from the schematic, it looks like a series wired phone. If that is the correct base plate for the phone, it wouldn't work properly with a 634 subset. Also Captain Obvious (me) says, the dial is not connected. The phone was probably used as a display piece.

Jiri Placek

Hello- Many thanks for kind words and help.  As requested, I am enclosing more pictures of the ring box.  The painted over label seems to read 634A when casually looked at, but it appears that the digit 5 was edited as number 6, and the 634A code was stamped over.
I reaalize that the dial the phone came with is not original.  I hope I will make the phone work despite that.
Regards, Jiri