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Nickel AE21 wih bakelite base?

Started by Etienne, September 12, 2022, 11:50:33 AM

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I bought this candlestick- not home yet.
AE 21 with (damaged) bakelite base- so, after 1930.
Stromberg-Carlson receiver (at least it is what is written on it) with what looks like a black painted metal earpiece, black cord instead of brown.
Ericsson dial card but the dial looks like an original AE type 24.
I looked at the catalogues on, no mention of a nickel AE21 in the post-1930 catalogues. Besides, this one has the old style mouthpiece, which is nickel-plated too- the catalogue is perfectly clear about that: that part should be japanned.
What is real, what is fake or wrong?
It was a bit expensive but candlesticks rarely appear for sale in France, and this one should be at least partly original...