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Kellogg or parts or ????

Started by xtal_01, June 09, 2023, 12:50:42 PM

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I know very little about candlestick phones (only have one ... and WE 151AL with a 634BA)

I came across this ... listed a few months ago ... tried to contact the seller ... no response yet.

I posted it and was told it was "mostly" Kellogg .. but maybe with a WE transmitter ... and a reproduction base .. and a ??? dial ... maybe just a bunch of parts put together?

So .. I am hoping someone can help.

Is it a Kellogg and if so what model?

Did Kellogg make a bulldogg transmitter (looks a bit different than my WE having a set where the cup meets the flat part)?

Is that a reproduction base (did even know anyone made one) or just shinier than the stem as people held the phone by the stem?

Dial .. any guesses?

What would be the correct or matching subset (I see a few Kellogg subsets out there)?

Any idea of a value?

Thanks so much ... Mike


Kellogg base. AE or Kellogg dial. Kellogg receiver. WE 635A bulldog xmtr. WE 685A subset. Probably WE handle (stem), perch, and hook.

Kellogg did make bulldog transmitters but this one is not Kellogg.

AE made kits for converting manual candlesticks to dial. I don't know if Kellogg did so.

Only repro bases I have seen are VTS or Phoneco Korean knockoffs of the WE 51AL.
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Thanks ...

Think I will pass on this one ... save my money till I find another 151AL (I already have a spare 634 BA) or something like that.